4 oz of liquid plastic,

a handful of string,

five dislocated stripes,

a trilobite embedded in limestone,

a small portion of unnamable, bright material,

one cap of any mushroom bitten by a slug,

a drop of gasoline,

the perfect brushstroke,

a rock held until it's warm,

1 tsp rose hips,

advice from a friend,

an unmeasured solution of rabbit skin,

clump of grass clippings,

a letter written but never sent,

a sprinkle of dried mycelium,

mix with equal parts : hope, hesitation, curiosity,

strain in a creek, and spread flat to dry

Whitney Johnson grew up outside of Lowpoint, IL, and currently lives and works in Bloomington-Normal. She explores disciplines revolving around biology, ecology, and mycology, which have rhythms that are integral to her process. Johnson explores pieces of material networks, cycles, and connections, in a desire to feel the natural and physical worlds and their shifts. Through her work, relationships are mediated between paint and canvas, and porous, repellent materials with their own structures and touch. Johnson is a recent graduate from Illinois State University with a BFA in Painting and BS in Art Education (2017). She has exhibited work in Bloomington-Normal, Peoria, Champaign, Pekin, and Evanston, IL. When she's not making art, she is teaching, growing food, or getting lost in the woods looking for mushrooms.