Fungi (A Study in Resilience)

Fungi (A Study in Resilience)

acrylic on canvas

dimensions variable

2016 - ongoing

The process behind this series revolves around curiousity, and documenting the macrofungi of Central Illinois. The mushrooms are found in patches of preserved forests, and grow in sidewalk cracks, form relationships with decaying built structures, live on the edges of industrial sites, and are grown by local farmers.

This project began during a stay at the Ox-Bow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan. It evolved from exploring Ox-Bow's trails that venture off into the woods. The practice of looking, finding, and re-finding (in the web of a forest and other spaces) has affected the way in which I think about the studio space, and opened material questions involved in making work. Fungi (A Study in Resilience) has grown into an installation on its own as well.